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Providing Everything You Need

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My Drop-in Visits provide your pet with the care it needs while you're away. This service includes shorter visits to feed, water, play and clean up after your pet. We can also provide pet care such as providing medication if needed, and small home tasks such as getting the mail or watering a plant.

Caucasian woman holding a white fluffy cat and Jack Russell Terrier dog while sitting on t

Overnight Sitting &
House Sitting

My Overnight Pet Sitting and House Sitting services provide your pet with the comfort of staying in their own home while you are away. I will provide overnight care and house sitting services, providing your pet with love and attention while you are away. I will ensure your pet is well taken care of by providing them with food, water, exercise, medications if needed, playtime and cuddles and any other pet care needs they may have.

woman holding a white fluffy cat and Jack Russell Terrier dog while sitting
Dog Walker at the Park

Dog Walking

My Dog Walking services offer a great way for your pup to get some exercise, basic pet care, and lots of fun! I provide a safe and secure environment for your pup to explore and enjoy the outdoors. I will make sure your pup is safe and having a great time.

Service Rates

Below are the rates for all standard services offered. There are varying time length options for some of the services offered. These options are listed so that you can select the length of time for each service you request that best fits you and your pets specific needs. There are specific rates for each variation in length of visit offered.


If you’re wanting a certain service in a specific length of time not listed here or you aren’t sure what service type or length of service is best for you and your pets, please reach out so that we can discuss what exactly would work best. 

Rates for all services listed are broken down by the following rate system:

Each service will have a base rate which includes care of a single pet, then it will have rates for additional pets beyond the first. These additional pet rates for each service will list different rates for dogs and cats. Additionally, there is a $10 puppy rate that will be added to any service request for care of a puppy.  

My main service zone is a 15 mile radius from zip code 76110 in Fort Worth, but I will happily provide services outside this service zone. However, there will be a fee of $5 for every 5 miles beyond my service zone you may be located applied to each service request. This additional fee is only applied for travel to the home and is not applied for travel back from the home. 

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